Wholesale Deals Direct From The Banks...

Introducing the World’s First Electronic Banking Rolodex!

With Bank Direct Connect, You Can...


» Search by state and see which banks are selling NPL's, REO's and Commercial properties

» Get the key contact information to the Decision Makers with the click of a button

» See how much inventory each bank has on their books each month

» Start closing  NPL's, REO's and Commercial deals with reputable Institutional Sellers

» Also get the direct contact information for the Decision Makers for all the Credit Unions

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Here's What You Get With Bank Direct Connect...


» Module One:   Learn how to work with the software to get the results that you want.

» Module Two:  Learn how to find the Decision Maker in every bank in less than 5 min.

» Module Three: Bank scripts how to “talk the talk” with a Banker 

» Module Four: Working behind the scenes to create action and results with the banks.

» Module Five: Learn how to do my 7 min. closing 

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Bank Direct Connect simplifies the process of finding Non-Performing Loans, REO's and Commercial Deals. It allows you to search by state to find out what the Banks AND Credit Unions are currently holding in their inventory.

Bank Direct Connect is a powerful and easy to use program used by Leading Industry Professionals and Investors alike to find NPL's, REO's and Commercial Deals direct from the banks and credit unions.

Bank Direct Connect will free up your time, money and energy when it comes to finding deals and FAST TRACK your efforts by putting you DIRECT to the Decision Makers. 

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